About Us

“Last thing on first thing noticed”

There is a look that doesn’t date. It’s not fashion; it transcends that, way above the whims that govern the runway and the high street. We are an eyewear brand not made for the masses and not tied to the lifestyle of any one person. We do not create, recreate or motivate fashion. We simply curate the classic shapes and styles that have defined fashion itself.

Inspired by history’s greats, each of our limited edition designs are carefully worked and thoughtfully detailed with precision. We firmly believe that style is eternal and that is why we create our frames to stand the test of time. Where money is no object you’re looking deeply at quality. There’s a tactile dimension to things, a weight and substance. When you hold a pair of our frames you can feel the difference. 

Combining Italian cellulose acetate, German engineered hinges and thermal treated mineral glass lenses; our glasses have heft to them whilst being light enough to rest comfortably on your face yet weighted enough to feel in your pocket.


So that’s our story. The next time you reach for your sunglasses, you’ll know exactly why we did it this way.


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